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Can't import Artwork

M1 max pro Running Monterey 12.3.1… Won’t import my artwork no matter what i do? Any one have any idea… I have been using this program for years… It has worlked perfectly before… p.s I changed file names… file size… artwork size… and still nothing… Dragging it to the Artwork window does nothing. Importing the artwork also does nothing… Hmm

Hi do you mean you can’t import into Jaikoz or do you mean artwork added by Jaikoz is not displayed in Apple Music?

I used to be able to add my own artwork to my own MP3’s that come out of my recording studio by “Add” it or simply dropping it into the Artwork filed… But now when I go to “Add” artwork it basically rejects it… Is there something that I’m missing on this new update? thankx

they are .jpg and tried all difference resolutions just to see if that was it… from 500pix 500Pix. to 1500Pix 1500Pix. and still nothing… regardless of what i do… I can add my artwork

hmm… Finally figured it out… Using Affinity Photo… At export… I had to make sure the “more” tab was clicked… and the pixel format had to be at “RGB 8 Bit”. not “Use Document Format”… Geez… but figured it out. Finally. Thanx fro reaching out.

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