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Can't find liscense

I just purchased the full liscense and cannot find it, no email.

Hi was sent to the same email address as your forum email address, I have just resent it to you.

Hi I just purchased a duplicate license for Jaikoz yesterday & am waiting for it to be emailed before paying for an upgrade to pro. Is this the forum you suggested we use when purchasing an upgrade because it speeds up the turn around time for a response? h thanks so much for this software… it is pretty amazing…

HI, your license has now been found and resent.

I received an email from you in an old gmail account that refers to an attachment but there’s nothing that opens except for a link to an unfamiliar website that wants me to log in. Is it possible to just send the license info to me at since new correspondence from paultaylor goes there?

please disregard previous message & my apologies.

I realized I should try using the brain God gave me instead of accepting being dumb & needy…
End of the story is I forwarded the email to my ownself & was able to open the attachment without any problem and am off to fix my music! Thank you!!

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