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Cannot reinstall Jaikoz

I wanted to reinstall Jaikoz on a solid state drive and I need to uninstall old installation and install on new drive everytime I try to install at new location the reference continues to references the old library on the old drive.

I need some help.

Its because your Jaikoz preferences reference the old location.

Assuming this is on Windows the easiest thing to do would be:

  • Go to C:\Users\username\ (where username is your username)
  • Delete Jaikoz folder (this will delete old preferences/database and logs)
  • Start Jaikoz
  • Reinstall license

there is no jaikoz file in the user directory

That doesn’t make much sense, could it be under a different username ?

If not, then perhaps I have misunderstand your question in which case could you post a screenshot to indicate the issue.

had to use a second graphic to completely show the debug screen.

any ideas? This is where is stops and the GUI screen is blank whenever you hover of the icon on the task bar (windows 10) and the mail screen never shows up.

Okay do you have a Jaikoz folder now?
HInt, you must have one if you can’t see it you are looking in wrong place.

If you still cannot see it perhaps post screenshot of Windows Explorer showing C:\Users and C:\Users\username folders

Is there anyone I can get technical or chat support from jthink directly? I am tired of hitting my head against the wall.

Why cant you just post the screenshots as requested?

Let me explain further, first time Jaikoz starts it copies over settings to a directory in C:\Users\username\Jaikoz, and this is what it uses when it starts on all subsequent starts.


I can see from your screenshots it is looking for database at H:\Jaikoz\jaikoz.db, this must be your old invalid location, and it must be reading this from configuration file in C:\Users\username\Jaikoz

So all you have to do is delete this folder, then next time start Jaikoz it will run with the defaults.

But you say C:\Users\username\Jaikoz does not exist, this makes no sense to me so if it is the case I need to see output from Windows Explorer to verify this.

Actually, just looked at the debug output again and on the second line of first screenshot it says

debug logfile C:\Users\wisem/Jaikoz/Logs/jaikozdebug%u-%g.log

So the C:\Users\wisem\Jaikoz does exist, you just need to delete it.

You were right. Delete the Jaikoz folder in the user directory and the install did not reference the H: drive thank you so much for the solution.

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