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Cannot assess Settings

Everything works fine with the latest Jaikoz version and MacOS until yesterday that I cannot go into Settings, the unexpected error window pop up.

Can you run Advanced:Create Support Files and then email so I can see cause of issue

Hi, okay you have a bug that prevents adding the comma to the From or To list in a word replacer, this will be fixed in next release

In the meantime since you are using MacOS you can fix as follows if you do the following:

  • Close Jaikoz
  • Edit
  • Remove line wordReplacers2=Genre Replace\: / ,; ,, ,; and save file
  • Restart Jaikoz

But until next release not possible to use , in Word Replacer, okay in other manipulators such as Punctuation Remover.

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your time and now it works. I was trying to figure out how Plex reads the genre field in metadata with multiple tags.

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