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Can’t seem to figure out how to use SongKong

I have a LARGE library of files to edit. I’ve submitted my library to Roon and Roon doesn’t have enough information from my Naim Uniti Core generated metadata because it can’t decode the proprietary version of WAV that Naim uses leaving me with hundreds of unidentified albums and hundreds of albums with the wrong cover art, and/or no track information, and/or no artist information, and so on. I’ve been using Roon’s editor to edit but it suddenly hit me that Roon is going to leave me in the same mess that Naim did because Roon edits don’t update my music library. I WANT my music library updated.
So I’ve turned to SongKong to do some editing but I don’t seem to be able to figure out how to use it. I can get SK to change the album cover on one record, but I don’t see how to go on to update artist or title or anything else. Sure would appreciate some guidance.
I should add that I’d prefer not to do a mass update. I’d rather edit one record at a time. The reason is I prefer to gain experience first one record at a time. And secondly, I don’t think any batch tagger can straighten out the mess I’m in. There are just too many files to review and I want complete control of every change made.

I would say you are confusing two things here:
Mass Update <-> Batch Update
Manual Edit <-> Automatic Edit

I can understand why you might want to work one album at a time, but it would be much easier to primarily use SongKongs automated matching rather than manual edit to achieve this.

I suggest you select a folder corresponding to an album and run Fix Songs in Preview Only enabled (on Basic tab) and then look carefully at the results. If you are happy with them then rerun Fix Songs with Preview Only disabled, then move on to next album.

If you are not totally happy then it is very unlikely that the wrong album has bee matched but you probably need to modify the preferences to suit your circumstances and retry, then maybe you’ll need to use Manual Edit to make some minor adjustaments. Manual Edit has multiple tabs, the first tab is for artwork, the other tabs are for modifying text metadata.