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Can I "undo fixes" as of a particular date?

Is it possible to restore my files to where they were a few Fix Songs runs ago? I see there are reports for various dates going back several weeks/months. If I want to simply return my files to the state they were in when I ran SongKong on, say, January 25th, 2020, is that possible, or does SongKong keep track of changes only going back to the last time I ran “Fix Songs”?

Actually its the opposite.

Undo Fixes will undo all the fixes SongKong has made since the initial load of the song into SongKong. The reason being is that usually customers don’t necessarily know when a problem occurred if they have run a number of tasks against some songs so it is simplest to just go back to the start point. We could technically add the option to select a date as we have the information stored but I think for most customers that would just make things too complicated, Undo Fixes is not used that much.

One thing to note, the information is stored in the database so if you empty the database (File:Empty Database) then that information is lost and you wont be able to Undo Fixes. The database is also emptied after updating to a new version of SongKong so this will also prevent Undo Fixes from a previous version of SongKong.

Undo Fixes is a tool to allow short term recovery of previous data, not intended to be relied on as a way to restore files back to how they were from a long period ago.