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Can I post a Review ?


Can I post a Review here on SongKong. I am use SongKong from last few days so. I want to share my experience here. I did not know this forum allow or not that is why I want to confirm before make this.

Yes, sure.

Peoples told me about SongKong is designed to take all the difficulty out of managing your music collection. when I use I found great and so easy which solve all my big problems thank SongKong :slight_smile:

Yes clenbuterol you are 101% right SongKong more than tool.

Its more than one tool:

Metadata Matcher
Duplicate Song Deleter
Cover Art Finder

each of these is charged for separately by some companaies !

and with SongKong Pro we have

Bpm Detector

and soon

Mood, Keys and Scales !