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Can I merge songs from multiple hard drive into a new single folder

I’m still getting acclimated can you clarify adding multiple files to the select folder I click select folder and the 2 folders will go to a new folder I’ve set up on another drive ? Is recommended amount of multiple folders one time.

Sorry I can’t really understand your question, but I think the answer is No.

Let me rephrase
I have music from 3 Drives so I Select Folder “A:\ music 1” “B:\music 2” “C:\Music 3”
Select Folder2 ( So I create a new folder and add all three and give it a new name"
X:\All music) then run report, Fix, and Remove Duplicates

So you have selected your three folders from two different drives:


So when you run Fix Songs on the Basic tab you should ensure the Base Folder/Sub Folder split is correct, so that the root of the path you want to move to is in Base Folder not Sub Folder


And on the Filenaming tab set Move Matched Folder to the new All Music folder.



This will move all the songs matched to an album, but will leave unmatched and partially matched (song only) in original locations. If you want to move all music files to new location regardless of if they were fully identified or not you would need to set Move Unmatched Folder as well.