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Can I edit the data added by SongKong and will Roon pick up the change?

Sometimes you may want to modify the data added by SongKong, or add data that SongKong has not added during automatic matching. Almost all fields can be edited for a folder using Manual Edit and usually the changes are picked by Roon immediately.

Manual Edit is free with Songkong Lite, no license is required. And because it can be used via the web browser interface allows you to directly edit files on devices that dont have a screen such as nas servers.

  1. Select the album folder and then Edit Songs Metadata

  2. Edit/add the data

  3. Use Copy Full Row 1, or Copy Row 1 to easily copy the data from first song to the other songs

  4. The select Save Changes

  5. SongKong create a report just like it does for automated matching

  6. Changes should be reflected in Roon immediately

  7. If they are not just use the Re-scan Album option in Roon