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Bug with cover art import

Hi. I have a bug report for Jaikoz 10.0. When I import the cover art from URL

into FLAC files using copy/paste from Mozilla Firefox browser into Jaikoz, the image colourspace is completely wrong with complementary colours showing in both Squeezebox and VLC media player. Saving the image to disk and importing it from the command using “metaflac” handles the import well and the colours are correctly rendered.

O/S Opensuse Linux Leap 15.1


Hi, copy/paste is more complex than you might think, can you test something else for me.

What happens if you save the image to disk, and then add to Jaikoz by selecting the disk file rather than taking directly from web browser ?

Direct import seems to work, thanks. I thought at first that this was a sRGB vs CMYK colour space is lsue, but that looks like a red herring as the image downloaded is sRGB. I assume there is a Java library call on a handle involved.


When you use Copy/Paste the application you are copying from present the data in a number of different ways, some better than others. So when you are pasting from Firefox we may have to use a different method (and this may also vary for Firefox on different platforms) than when paste from fileystem depending on the data type provided. And jpegs can be a bit weird with non standard colour spaces ectera.

Is it just one specific file that showed this problem, or any file ?

It may be fixed by Jaikoz 10.1 (should be availble for linux within a few days) because this uses Java 13 rather than Java 8 and so has access to vcarious Java and Opertaing system fixes.

I can be sure that this affects nearly all (possibly truly all) copy/pastes from Firefox. I could test with Konqueror and Chrome if that would be helpful.


Hi yes that would be useful, thx

Yes, the behaviour is identical in Chrome. Right mouse “copy image” and paste into Jaikoz results in an incorrect colourmap. “Save image” and “Artwork->add” gives a correct colour map

Another example

When I save the artwork to disk using “File->save artwork to filesystem” it generates the following jpg file folder.jpg which appears to have a CMYK colourspace. The version from the browser’s “save image as” (or directly downloaded with “wget”) is sRGB. Clearly there has been some image processing along the way as Jaikoz’ save version is rather smaller.

> ls -l 12130497215.jpg folder.jpg
-rw-r--r-- 1 kr users 191100 Nov 29  2015 12130497215.jpg
-rwxr-xr-x 1 kr users  74916 Jul  3 10:19 folder.jpg


The example you give works fine on Firefox with Jaikoz for Windows, later I will try with Linux.

Okay I can confirm with Jaikoz 10.0 the problem exists, it appears to work within Jaikoz itself but when you look at the files outside of Jaikoz the image shows the incorrect colours.

I then tried with Jaikoz 10.1.0 (which uses newer version of java) . With this version when you try and paste the image directly from Firefox it doesn’t appear to do anything, in fact behind the scenes Jaikoz detects a bogus color space and prevents the paste. I think the bogus colour space is not actually in the original image but in the interaction between Firefox and Jaikoz, I have raised a bug and will get this fixed for next Jaikoz release, this will be quite soon because I am waiting for Java fix for MacOS vesion.

Jaikoz 10.1.0 is now availble for Linux.