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Brainstorming better ways to find and fix the few-and-far-between.

This isn’t a concrete request for a specific feature but more like brainstorming in a post. Lately I’ve been finding a lot of little things that are missed by the auto correct for whatever reason. It seems that musicbrainz and discogs are great but not perfect, human review and intervention is still required. So, I set out to fix those remaining issues and discovered something along the way… It’s hard work and very time consuming

It takes a long time to scroll horizontally through every album looking for issues. I suspect a combination approach of reporting and highlighting would be best but I don’t want to jump straight to proposed solutions without clearly stating the requirements.

[list]Ability to quickly and easily (at a glance) identify and (when applicable) correct inaccurate metadata or other issues (such as inaccessible or missing files).[/list]

[list]To do this, on a large set of files without the need to scroll.[/list]

I want to be clear that I’m not specifically proposing any implementation but, having said that, I guess I envision it as a full screen edit panel that shows one album at a time with the missing or inaccurate metadata displayed and editable. Perhaps a next button at the bottom to move to the next album.

If you wanted to go one step further then maybe multiple column view configurations or allowing more than one edit panel (configured independently) could be useful.