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Bonus Tracks Folders

I’ve just discovered SongKong and I’m feeling my way around it.
One problem I can anticipate I’m going to have in my collection is bonus tracks. I really hate it when they’re tacked onto the end of an album or, even worse, stuck in the middle of it. When I rip a CD or download an album I always manually set up a separate folder for bonus tracks and put them in it so that I can keep them, but they won’t be in the main album folder, treating and labelling those tracks as a new ‘Disc 2’ of the album. Then I can easily load up the album on my player without putting the bonus tracks on if I don’t want to.

My questions are:

  1. what are the implications of doing this with SongKong matching and is there a specific setting I should use/avoid?
  2. Is there a way in SongKong or Jaikoz to seek out the albums I’ve done this to and somehow process them without having to individually look through and manually alter each album? It’s a small, but substantial part of my collection.

Fantastic software and I’m looking forward to digging deeper into it!

Hi Andy

So if they are in a separate folders SongKong may process individually or it may group them together and process as one album, it depends on the exact the folder structure and filenaming. However in either case it will probably match all track to the right album (the version with the bonus tracks), but as long as you do not enable Rename Filename from metadata the files will not be moved or renamed.

So when you say

Then I can easily load up the album on my player without putting the bonus tracks on if I don’t want to.

I assume you mean you select songs to play based on selecting a folder rather than selecting the files with metadata of album = albumName and this will continue to work as before, but it does seem rather limiting

I suppose my question to you is what do yo want SongKong to do , Im not sure what you would like.

Hi Paul,
Thanks for your reply.
I suppose what I’m after is to play an album without it automatically going onto the bonus tracks tacked on the end. The ones with the tracks in the middle are the worst. Thankfully it’s something that they only seemed to do for a while so there aren’t too many of them, but with Robyn Hitchcock’s I Often Dream Of Trains, for example, I had to manually remove the bonus tracks from the middle of the album, dump them in a separate folder and then shuffle up the track numbers. My Astell & Kern Player is really bad with Playlists and syncing on a Mac, so I’m just dragging the album folder onto it and leaving the bonus tracks behind.
I’m just setting up a new network streamer and I’d like keep bonus tracks separate if possible. Could I do a search within SongKong to find the albums that have songs labelled as bonus tracks and then manually configure them, or is that something I would need to do with Jaikoz? Probably 99% of my collection is straightforward but the ones I tend to play most are the ones I’m fussy about!

I think the Rename Filename from metadata setting you mentioned is what I was looking for regarding matching. I didn’t want to run a fix that would move or change my files.


That is something to do with Jaikoz, it seems to me if you really dont like these bonus tracks maybe you should just delete them.

Ok, thanks. I’ll see how I get on with SongKong first. I’d like to match and fix the metadata as much as possible for the bulk of my collection and just keep the few custom changes I’ve made. I’m thinking that I should just fix the lot and then undo the albums I want to tinker with and fix them manually.
It’s not really that I don’t like them, often they’re rare B-sides etc, it’s more that I don’t always want them to be played as part of an album! I’m doing a preview now, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens.