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Bidirectional iTunes integration

Jaikoz can be configured to automatically import into iTunes, so that saving tracks within Jaikoz causes iTunes to do an “Add To Library” operation on them.

I would like to have a way to go the opposite direction. I would like to be able to select a set of tracks inside iTunes and invoke Jaikoz on them, with the result again being re-imported into iTunes. The way I do this currently is by loading files or folders from my iTunes library into Jaikoz, but this is clumsy and difficult to do except in certain simple cases such as a specific album or artist. I would like to be able to invoke Jaikoz on an entire playlist or genre at once.

I think this can be done with a fairly simple bit of Applescript on the Mac version of iTunes, or something similar on the Windows version of iTunes. There is a large collection called Doug’s AppleScripts for iTunes that can help with the Macintosh interface and there is at least one script supplied by Apple for the Windows version that removes dead tracks from iTunes.