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Better Songkong /Jaikoz integration

Do you think more SongKong / Jaikoz integration is possible?

I would like to have the ability to launch Songkong for updating a list of albums and, from the report that it generates at the end of the process, have the option to select these albums and open them on Jaikoz for more control in the manual changes made from Songkong.

In this case it would be important that the fields that Songkong has updated, in Jaikoz are highlighted so that the changes made are immediately evident.

This could be a deeper manual correction tool than the same option on SongKong and can be used by those who have both software.

Sorry I don’t think that is practical, especially when you consider that SongKong is available on a number of platforms that Jaikoz cannot run on. It may be possible to open Jaikoz with certain folders but there is no way Jaikoz could know what fields had been modified by SongKong.

Also note one feature I want to add to SongKong but forgot to add to the poll is the ability to match a single album, and review the changes before saving as I have noticed alot of SongKong customers only fix their albums one at a time, with this additional level of control you may not find it necessary to open the songs in Jaikoz afterwards.

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