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Best Practices for Tagging

I have been using Jaikoz for some time now but not very efficiently.
I am confused between acoustic id’s - music brainz - etc.

What is the best path to use to ensure the most accurate results.
Do I use on over the other.
All of them?
In what order?


Hi, this is rather a vague question, and are both open websites with lots of information but in summary musicbrainz recordings ids are given to a unique recording. Acoustid are given to a fingerprint of actual audio, in an ideal world there would be a one-one correspondence between the two but in reality neither database is perfect, nor able to model all real world cases so this isn’t the case.

You don’t really have to make a decision about just consider the preferences available within Jaikoz and then run Correct Metadata from Musicbrainz to fix most things. Use the other tools in Jaikoz such as Match to Specified Release and Manual Match to Musicbrainz to fix the cases where Jaikoz doesn’t do such a good job.

Also Jaikoz can also Match to the Dicogs database that contains many releases not within MusicBrainz, however it doesn’t have a concept of Acoustids and can only be used to match whole album not individual tracks.

So I will get the best results by running “Correct Metadata from Musicbrainz”.
Does this include acoustic id’s or should I run that on what it misses?

Right it uses existing acoustids as part of the matching process, but may not create them. So I guess the safest thing to do is run Create AcoustIds first, this wont match anything but just ensure all your songs will have fingerprints. then Correct Metadata from Musicbrainz will use this and existing metadata to find matches.


On another note, when looking at the file table, several fields show a # next to them, Artist,artwork,etc. I assume this is the # of entries. Can the # portion be turned off?

And is there any way to display the bit rate on the main table rather than the detail?

No you cant display the bitrate, I thought I had an issue open for that but couldnt find it so just created

Sorry, what do you mean by file table I can’t find what you refer to.

What I meant by file table is the main screen where you display the artist - album - title 0 status etc in a table for like a spreed sheet.

Right, can you send me a screenshot I still cant see what you are refering to regardng #s

By “Create AcousticIds”, do you mean the menu option “Retrieve Acoustic Ids”? I checked the help text, but wasn’t able to find this menu option to “Create AcousticId’s”, and your usage seems to imply the same menu option as “Retrieve Acoustic Ids”.