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Best practice for Roon integration

Hello every 0ne

I’m a newbie to Song Kong.

I read all the online infoguide to do the best job I could.
My music contains albums and tracks that are in playlist, I use those tracks to play with as a DJ. I’m planning to go with Roon tu run my music, but first thing first, I wanted to organize all my music.

I’ve put all the preferences that I tought would be a good way to go.

I was planning to move the files from my Hard drive to a new music file, that contains all the complete tags and another for the ones that or not completed.


Is there something in the presets I should do or not, for a good Roon integration.

I need to say that, English is not my mother language, so, sorry for the spelling.

Thank you

The pictures of the presets are in french…not a easy road.

You might change the subject spelling of Roon…

Roon cares little about the locations of your music as far as folder structure goes and will sort things based on the library import criteria.

Plenty of info in the KB pages for roon.

But you should have at least organized songs from an album in own album folder (prefably with album artist folder), or will have problems.