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Best Practice for metadata ID

Using Jaikoz. If i had a bunch of files with NO METADATA, what is the best options to correctly identify them and in what order?

Hi, just use Action:Autocorrect, the default configuration should work well but you can modify it at Preferences:Manipulators:Autocorrector

Let me be a bit more specific. Assuming that the local information ie filename and maybe metadata is incorrect. What is the best path to acquire and correct the proper information accurately?

Well have you tried Autocorrect ?
If you have and it doesn’t find a match you could try running Edit:Delete all Metadata except Acoustid data first, and see if that helps. But I wouldn’t delete metadata by default since it can be very useful to get the right match even if a bit wrong.

At first I would use
Action -> Remote correct -> Retrieve Acoustid

I guess i am confused. I would think if a track has an acoustic fingerprint that that would mean it is definitely identified. so all meta data should be accurate. Seems under no circumstance does this accurately correct all files. I do not understand how it is renaming files that have already been corrected by jaikoz when run under a different series.

How is it that google can listen to a song and identify it correctly 99.99% of the time but I can only get around 80%.

Does anyone know a software to correct metadata based of of the google engine?

All songs can have an acoustic fingerprint, but it maybe newly allocated by Acoustid and not previously known or it may exist in Acoustid but not have any link to MusicBrainz and therefore only have the most basic information - song title and artist.

Jaikoz tries to match songs to albums, whereas Google is only matching the song without regard for getting the right album.

On this topic thread you keep changing the question, for example at the start you asked about files

If i had a bunch of files with NO METADATA,

then later you say

Assuming that the local information ie filename and maybe metadata is incorrect

so I dont know what you are actually asking.

to me this is basically the same question. I am trying to find a way to process the files and be SURE they are correct. JAT does as good a job as any software i have found but it still leaves many m,any errors and omissions. All i am interested in is to accurately identify artist and title. But as I said JAT leaves many incorrect files as I guess it can not identify the album?

And as far as i understood it an acoustic ID is like a finger print. So how can i have multiple copies of the same file under different metadata but all have the same acustid id?

Well it isn’t.

Because the acoustid is only part of the file identification process, I cannot answer your question because its is too vague you would need to provide a specific example.