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Basic Renaming - Please help

I am trying to do two different things. I am lost. I can’t figure javascript and all I do is make a mess of it.
I have a folder filled with directories. Each directory is an album. I want to rename the songs in each directory. I don’t want to change the directories at all.

I just need the settings to change the songs to look like this. Whether its compilations or not.

  1. Artist - Album
  2. Album - Artist

Can some one please help? Thank you.

Hi, if you enable Rename filename part only on the File Naming tab then SongKong will only rename the filename part of the filename and not change the directories.

I am not quite clear what you want the actual filenames to look like, but there should be an existing mask you can use so no need to write your own Javascript.

Thanks. I understand the Rename Filename part only. That means that an existing directory structure remains unchanged.

As for the other. I’ve already messed up my options so I don’t see the selection any more. But first I tried creating a new option, and every time it kept giving me an error before saving (because I don’t know what I am doing). So next I tried editing an existing option that was closest, and messed those up.

By default, there are no options like Title - Artist or Artist - Title. The ones that were closest, the ones I messed up in editing, only had something like AlbumorArtist, and then I kept getting something else ( I don’t remember).

I’m just looking to have the option to have something that looks like one of the following on my drive:

Option 1:

c:/Freeze Frame/Angel in Blue - The J. Geils Band
c:/Freeze Frame/Centerfold - The J. Geils Band
c:/Freeze Frame/Do You Remember When - The J. Geils Band


c:/Freeze Frame/The J.Geils Band - Angel in Blue
c:/Freezae Frame/The J. Geils Band - Centerfold


But what you must remember is that if you are have the Rename Filename part only option enabled you can take an existing mask such as

Artist/Artist - Title

and then you can ignore everything before the last ‘/’ because it is only going to do the Artist - Title part.

Anyway, if you need to edit or create a new mask all you need is artist + ’ - ’ + title, or possibly albumartist + ’ - ’ + title


Thank you. This works for me.

What do I do if I want to put an space between Artist and the dash and between the dash and Title?

Also can you direct me to a tutorial?

Hi, there is already a space between artist and title because the stuff in between the quotes in the' - 'part is <space><hyphen><space> (if you didn’t want the spaces you would just put <hyphen> e.g '-')

We have some tutorials at but everyone seems to use in SongKong in different ways so it difficult to write a full tutorial.

But SongKong comes with a manual and the plan going forward is just to add detailed articles to the forum as required, there is a SongKong faq subforum that may be a good place to start -

No space appears in the final output, when I do:

artist+ ‘-’ +title

Instead, I see the following:

Jay & the Americans-She Cried

I’m trying to get the following:

Jay & the Americans - She Cried

because you haven’t added any spaces !

You need to do

artist + ' - ' + title


artist + '-' + title

I think the way that whitespace is displayed in this forum is making this a little confusing

Ah, that works.

Thanks for your help.