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base folder & sub folders

Can someone please clarify what the “base folder” is and how the “sub folders” fit in? I have read the documentation 5 or 6 times and I am still confused by the language used to describe them. Additionally, how does the “Shift base folder to sub folder” action work?

Perhaps an example of how a file would be scanned and processed relative to it’s path and the base folder/sub folder settings.

For example:

my file is

Thanks for the great program and the awesome flexibility of Jaikoz!

The base folder/sub folder seperation is purely to allow jaikoz to decide what to modify if you run ‘Correct SubFolders from Tags’ it doesnt effect what is actually saved to disk

so you could have
BaseFolder C:\
SubFolder unscanned_music\songs_just_downloaded

BaseFolder C:\unscanned_music\
SubFolder songs_just_downloaded

both refer to the same file on disk

Shift Base Folder to Sub Folder could be used to go from A) to B). Shift SubFolder from base Folder could be used to fgo from B) to A)

After having read the manual and this post, I am even more confused!

Sorry, I must just be dense. Despite the fact that I’m a software engineer with 25 years experience, I can’t make head or tails of this.

Can somebody give it another go, this time for a dummy?

Just what do you mean by “go from A to B” or “go from B to A”?

Example, please!

I actually don’t want to “shift folders” but perhaps this will help me understand what these terms mean.

I simply want to correct my subfolders. I am using iTunes, and my music files are in /Users/jon/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music.

Should my base folder be:

  1. /Users/jon/Music?
  2. /Users/jon/Music/iTunes?
  3. /Users/jon/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music?

Should I set the “number of folders above” to 1, 0, or something else?

personally I wouldn’t have my base or sub folders that many layers deep into the drive

Base = F:\Commercial

sub folder: F:\Commercial\Canned Heat - Discography

sub sub folder: F:\Commercial\Canned Heat - Discography\1968 - Boogie With Canned Heat

     depending on where I'm working sometimes my folders are another layer deep

Example -
G:\Encoded Bootlegs
G:\Encoded Bootlegs\LED ZEPPELIN
G:\Encoded Bootlegs\LED ZEPPELIN\1968
G:\Encoded Bootlegs\LED ZEPPELIN\1968\Led Zeppelin - 1968-12-30 - Spokane WA

don’t switch because when I do it sends all the files in your sub folder up to your base folder - some times may be useful - I personally don’t use it very often at all - when i do it is usually to put files back because I hit that button by accident - ha ha ha

My base folder is set to F it is my drive that holds only commercial music nothing else. The program will load from that folder when it starts instead of its default folder of C:\ my documents and then having to go to the base folder to load sub folders etc.

Also my base folder is set to 0 above the read folder - works best for me - no one said I’m doing it the best way either - I suggest playing around with a few small files to get it where you like it - I have to sometimes change the layouts do to the music I’m tagging.

I don’t know if this is what you’re asking for, and hope I helped without confusing that engineer mind of yours.
lol- t41

Okay, ‘Shift folders’ doesnt physically move any folders or files it just changes which part of the path are deemed part of the ‘base folder’ as opposed to ‘Sub Folder’. This is useful because ‘Correct Sub Folders from tags’ will replace whatever is in the Subfolder field with a new value based on applying the folder rename mask to the Song metadata