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Avoiding matches with multi-CD albums

HI. I’ve had Jaikoz for just a few days, and am beginning to find my way around. In experiments with smaller batches the matching seemed to go quite well. Now that I’ve plonked in all 4000 of my chamber music tracks, an odd thing is happening. When I have all (or most) of the tracks from a one or two CD set, musicbrainz matches the tracks up to a multi CD set. e.g. a 100 CD set of all Haydn’s works, instead of the album that was pretty close to correctly named in the first place.

The one feature I was looking forward to using was the report on missing tracks, which this “box set” matching kinda negates. Thanks for any advice you can offer.


Is the release you want to match to in MusicBrainz database ?

Hmm, I’m trying to find a good example for you, but the first few I’ve checked probably are from a box set after all. I’ll get back to you if/when I find other examples. Thanks for the prompt reply.


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