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AutoCorrect focusing on single albums incorrectly

Most of the time, when I use the AutoCorrect feature (cmd-1), it works correctly…but once in a while, it goes nuts…and it tries to force a selection of tracks by various artists as if many or most of them are from one particular album represented in that selection. Screenshot 2024-05-08 at 10.07.07 PM|335x500

The first screenshot shows the results in this session of cmd-1. The second screenshot shows a playlist with the correct songs.

Any idea why this happens, periodically, or what I can do to solve it? Thanks for any help.

Mac OS 14.4.1, Jaikoz 11.8 Build 1189.

First screenshot did not load. This screenshot is how Jaikoz “corrected” the playlist shown in the above post.

What is the original data?

Jaikoz usually assumes a folder represents an album and then tries to match the folder to an album. But from you are saying it doesn’t appear this folder does represent an album, in which case Jaikoz will not match to an album unless you have unchecked Only allow match if all songs in grouping can be matched option. If you have unchecked this then it can just match some songs, and if it can match multiple songs to same album then it will tend towards this.

Also can you run Advanced:Create Support Files please

A couple of “nots” in that response are slightly confusing or ambiguous, to me at least, so let me restate to see if I’ve understood you correctly:

If I have unchecked Only allow match if all songs in grouping can be matched, Jaikoz will attempt to match songs, and “if it can match multiple songs to same album” that’s what it will try to do.

If I check that option, the implication is that UNLESS it can match all the songs, it will not allow the match, for any of them.

Is that correct?

If it is…then I have a suggestion. Which is to allow or create an option that effectively tells Jaikoz that the group of songs in the folder are NOT on an album but should each be matched individually.

I’m sure I’m not the only person who creates ad hoc playlists of multiple tracks and artists and uses Jaikoz to bring in missing info, rename the files consistently, etc.

(I will say: this option works in the way i suggest, and how I want it to work, most of the time…when there’s no two songs from the same album or even by the same artist. I think what happens is that if there are multiple songs by the same artist, that somehow pushes Jaikoz to presume other tracks must be by that artist. That appears to be what happened…when the three or so songs by one group (Portugal. The Man) turned into five or six songs according to Jaikoz’s correction. One workaround, then, is rather than lumping all the playlist tracks into one folder, in cases where there are several songs by the same artist, simply create separate folders for those songs, and do the songs that do not share artist or album in a separate folder. That’s actually what I did to correct the bad corrections last night.)

I submitted a Create Support Files file. If it didn’t come through, please let me know.


Im away from office at moment so can’t see your support files.

Do you have the option enabled?

You have understood what I said correctly. However if unable to match all songs to one album although that will mean it won’t match any songs to an album it doesn’t prevent it matching Song Only. This means it still tries to identify the song and add song information such as song title and artist but not album info such as album, track no or album artist because what you have to remember is most songs are available on multiple albums.

Also if the folder contains more than x songs (I can’t remember what x is) then Jaikoz decides it can’t represent one album and uses existing metaata to group songs and then just try to match each grouping to an album.

Also, please note the correct way to create a playlist is to use .m3u files which list the paths of files in playlist in order rather than the way you are doing it.

But regardless of this if Jaikoz is actually changing the metadata to an incorrect artist or title that seems to be a bug.

Just curious: “the correct way to create a playlist…”: So, I made an .m3u file, and imported it into Jaikoz. Everything looks exactly the same. But editing what opens in Jaikoz does not appear to change the .m3u file. So I’m curious why this is the correct way, in terms of Jaikoz functionality. Not superimportant, but if you happen to have the time I’m curious to know the answers. Thanks.

Hi, it is not the correct way in terms of Jaikoz, it is the correct way fullstop.

Your files should be organized to match the albums they are part of , i.e one folder should represent one disk on an album. You should not mess that up just because you want to play songs from various albums. A playlist file such as m3u file allows you to select files from various albums and play them in the order you wish without messing up your folder/album structure.

But Jaikoz does not do anything special with m3u files, it just allows you to open a list of files based on what is listed in the m3u file. But if you then use Jaikoz to rename or move such files this is not reflected in the m3u file because Jaikoz is not a playlist editor.