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Auto save feature?

Hello. I’ve been using Jaikoz for a while and am in general quite happy with it. However, today while editing a list of over a thousand songs, about two thirds of the way through my computer (a mac mini) suddenly shut down and then restarted. Consequently all the work done was lost. I am accustomed to using editors like emacs where auto saves are done of your work (with the ability to set the frequency) which potentially saves you a lot of work in case something like this happens while using it. I’d like to suggest that such a feature be included in a future release of Jaikoz. Thanks.

But the design of Jaikoz is you can make modifications, and you can check these changes before they are actually saved so you are in control.

Having an autosave that saved changes at unexpected times would mean a loss of control, I don’t think it is a good idea for Jaikoz, sorry.

Normally the way auto save works is that it is done to a separate file. I understand that edits you make with Jaikoz will generally alter many files, but maybe the changes indicated before a save could be held in a single temporary file, so that if the sort of problem I experienced occurs, those changes one has indicated before the crash (perhaps excluding the last few) could then be restored.

Okay so it creates a temporary file of changes, then when you restart Jaikoz after a crash you can recover unsaved edits, okay I can see that could be useful -