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Auto Edit task Discussion

A thread to discuss the new Auto Edit task being worked on

We are working on Auto Edit task that will allows users to batch edit their (whole) collection, start with some of the most common editing tasks users likely to want such as Find and Replace and Capitalization.

Idea is works as follows:

  • Selects folder(s)
  • Select Auto Edit task
  • Select profile
  • Goes to options, each tab contains a different kind of edit task that can be performed on one or more fields
    Enable Find and replace checkbox
    Select metadata fields to edit
    Find entrybox
    Replace entrybox
    Use Regular Expressions checkbox
    Case Sensitive checkbox
    Enable Capitalizer checkbox
    Change case to combo (Title Case, Capitalize Each Word, lowercase, UPPERCASE, Sentence case)
    Always UPPERCASE (for Title Case) list
    Always lowercase list (for Title Case) list
    Keep the same (case sensitive) list
    Save tab,
    Force Save checkbox
    Update MinimServer checkbox
  • Select Start
  • Goes away and modifies files as required
  • Creates report showing all changes

Happy to listen to any suggestions.

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This is what we have so far