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Auto correct sort artist/album artist?

I’ve been using Jaikoz to clean up the metadata of my audiobooks. I find that sort artist and sort album artist are used a lot by my media manager (Plex) to organize files. The problem is, most of these fields are empty and I have to manually fill them. MusicBrainz rarely has audiobook metadata, so that’s a dead end.

Is there some way Jaikoz can do a local correct and populate the sort artist and sort album artist fields?

Take the artist and artist album data, “John Q. Public” and convert it to “Public, John Q.” or “Jane Doe” to “Doe, Jane”

Hi, Jaikoz is really intended for music not audio books, and therefore MusicBrainz coverage of artists is usually very good and MusicBranz always has a sort artist for each artist in it’s database, and this is better than trying to auto calculate it.

For your particular issue we do have Find and Replace but unfortunately it doesn’t currently support regular expressions which is what I think you need. So I dont currently have an easy solution for you.

You could use Advanced:Export to extract data to spreadsheet then use the spreadsheets own Find and Replace for editing and then Advanced:Import to bring back into Jaikoz, but this all a bit fiddly.

Thanks for the reply, Paul. I’ll give the Advanced:Export a try. Otherwise, I can try to write a short script to batch all my audiobooks.