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Artist folder is band member/session player rather than primary artist

Hey All, This is my first post on the forum. I’ve found a lot of good info here and greatly appreciate the info I find. I have been using SongKong for a few years and have always had great results. Recently, I found an old hard drive with a bunch of music I had ripped years ago that was very loosely organized. After running SongKong v8.8, I have several of the Artist folders listing a band member or session player as the artist. For example, for the Lenny Kravitz album “Mama Said”, I have 8 unique folders for Henry Hirsch with the instrument/vocal contribution for the various tracks in parentheses (see my screenshot below). Is there a setting I am missing in setup that would create these folders rather than add all tracks to the primary artist’s folder?

Thanks, Trevor


I have an idea but would really help if you could run Create Support Files so I can check a couple of things.

Thanks much, I will do so. Appreciate the super fast response!

Hi, so I can see the foldername is matching the value of Performer field, not a field you would want to use for file renaming especially because it contains Performer and Instrument. However I can only see two Fix Songs reports and in neither case is SongKong configured to rename songs.

So this must have happened earlier, either with SongKong and you have run Empty Log Files since, or with some other application. So I would suggest you rerun Fix Songs but on the Basic tab set Rename Filename from metadata to Yes, if matched to Release to reorganise the songs.