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Artist field has all musicians instead of the credited artist

Not sure if this is a bug or can be controlled by some preference setting.

When matching to a specified MusicBainz album Jaikoz seems to added all the musicians into the Artist field.

For example matching to the Album Eve by The Alan Parsons Project, the Artist field is being set to the following:
“Eric Woolfson, David Paton, Stuart Elliott, Ian Bairnson, Duncan Mackay, Chris Rainbow, The Alan Parsons Project, Orchestra of the Munich Chamber Opera, Andrew Powell”

I would expect it be be The Alan Parsons Project and not contain all the musicians that appeared on the track.

Okay, both Jaikoz and SongKong try to identify if an album is a Classical or Non-Classical album. If an album is classical then we treat metadata slighty differently including how set the (Track) Artist field. Identification is via an algoriithm because there is no field in MusicBrainz indicating if an album is classical or not.

Clearly in this case we have incorrectly identified as classical, in Preferences:Remote Correct:Classical you need to uncheck Automatically identify songs that are part of Classical releases and apply these options then rematch.

If your music collection doesn’t contain any Classical then you might want to keep this option switched off.