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Are there any recommended settings within Roon to get best benefit from Song Kong?

I presume there are settings within import settings in Roon that will allow a fuller integration of Song Kong’s tagging work within Roon?

My usage case is that I have a relatively well ripped (dBPoweramp) library relatively well integrated within Roon.

I’m interested in any suggestions Paul or users may have.


The defaults in Roon should work well enough. By default Roon will use its own metadata if it has it , but if it doesnt it will use the file metadata (potentially provided by SongKong). The key thing really is to use SongKong with Roon profile to provide that data in a Roon friendly way, and you then you would need to rescan your files in Roon.

Do you have any particular problems or a more specific question?

I want to get as much information as Song Kong has into Roon. I don’t have too many unrecognised albums so basically what I’d like to get is as much of the discogs info from Song Kong into Roon. (Usually if Roon recognises an album it gets its data from Musicbrainz as far as i can tell)

I’ve changed the following settings which hopefully will give me some discogs info.


Yes I don’t think Roon currently uses Discogs, okay your changes should work.

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