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Apple Music

I’m a longtime user of Jaikoz and love the product.

For about the past 8 months, I’ve been enjoying the flexibility of Apple Music. I now have 5000+ songs through my streaming services.

Problem is: Apple is terribly unimaginative when it comes to genres. I mostly listen to electronic music, and want to know more than whether the genre is “Dance.” Is it techno, dub techno, minimal, etc?

I’ve always used Jaikoz to batch edit, because its far more granular in its ability to match and generate genre and groups (and labels and on and on). It’s integration with Apple’s streaming service, however, is patchy at best.

If I download streaming-service songs, then drag them into Jaikoz to batch edit, Jaikoz works about 40% of the time.

I’m wondering, is Jaikoz working on a way to operate more effectively in the new streaming space? Am I missing something, and there’s a way to make matching to streaming service songs more functional?

[Also, and perhaps an equally meaningful concern, my Jaikoz for some time only references Musicbrainz and can’t access Discogs. It’s likely that some of the songs I’m missing aren’t in Musicbrainz but would exist in Discogs…]

Thanks, M

How can Jaikoz tag streaming songs, arent these in some special format ?

Jaikoz works with MusicBrainz and Discogs via its combined Albunack database, I’m not sure what you mean when you say you cant access Discogs

The Discogs problem is independent of the streaming issue. It doesn’t work on any of my hardcopy music files. I did a fresh install of Jaikoz on another computer and the Discogs search/correct feature works great. But, on my base computer with my music library, it doesn’t work.

The streaming issue points to the possible role Jaikoz could play as more people move to streaming, but still want to control how their libraries are tagged.

Apple Music allows the user to download any song on the service to their desktop. That file (m4a) however is like a Fort Knox version of the old DRM protection.

The user can drag these m4a files into Jaikoz and batch edit exactly the same way other files work. However, Jaikoz only works some of the time, referencing these files against the Musicbrainz database.

Now, what I can’t quite figure out is whether I would see better matching results if I could get Discogs to work.

But, as it stands Jaikoz only works in a very patchy way with my m4a files.

Because they are drm protected the acoustid matching wont work, but I dont really understand the point of identifying streamed songs, surely you know what they are already and if you particulary like them you are not going to want to just use these drm versions.

Note Discogs matching is release based so do you have the whole release or just random songs ?

The value for me with Jaikoz is that it gives me the ability to sort in a really sophisticated way my music library, which has 50K+ tunes in it.

As I said, Apple Music doesn’t apply groupings, and its genres are super generic. So, everything gets thrown into these big bins: “Electronic,” for example, instead of Deep House.

I’ve used Jaikoz for many years on all of my hard music files to develop a really detailed system for sorting things on the basis of genres, groups, and even labels (which I paste into comments). I would LOVE it if Jaikoz could bring the same sophistication to bear on Apple’s streaming service.

The best way to do this would be to have Jaikoz work with “downloaded” streaming files. Once changes are re-tagged, ID3 adjustments are saved in the cloud for that file.

Maybe I’m a philistine, but Apple’s (256) streaming quality is good enough for me for most of the music I listen to. So, I do continue to listen to streaming quality audio for even the songs I really like.

There’s a program that works similarly to Jaikoz (though Jaikoz is much better, IMO). Tuneup Media does search and edit ID3 info on downloaded (DRM protected) songs through Apple Music.

The problem with Tuneup is that it’s binary. You have to accept or reject its search results, and you can’t get in and customize with the same level of detail Jaikoz allows.

HI, I dont really have any experience with Apple Music. I would think that Jaikoz can work based on metadata matching but not take advantage of acoustid matching. Therefore it can match some songs but not as good as drm songs, and i think TuneUpMedia would have the same restrictions.

If Discogs is working on one computer but not the other I would think it more likely to be related to what music you are matching with, is one set APple DRM and one not.

Perhaps your support files would shed some light on this.