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Any way to disable acoustic fingerprinting?

I have files with correct artist and title, and only want the metadata to be driven by lookup (e.g. Discogs) based on (earliest release of) these. I do not want acoustic fingerprinting to be done.

Is there a way in SongKong and/or Jaikoz to prevent acoustic fingerprinting from happening? And/or to prevent lookup based on fingerprinting? (since I guess the BPM and Mood from analysis would still be useful)

Songkong and Jaikoz only use Acoustid fingerpriinting as one way to identify song and releases, and by default they don’t always fingerprint songs as this uses more cpu then other methods.

But I don’t understand your objection to using it, and having correct artist and title is in itself not enough to accurately match to the right album. I am not even sure if you mean you have track title or album title or both, but there usually multiple versions of an album, and these different versions can have different track lists or different versions of the same track.

You can set Preferred Release Date to Earliest Release Date to encourage the selection of the earliest release if everything else is the same, but if the earliest release has a different version of a particular track and you have the version from the later version it would be wrong for SongKong to select the earliest release.

Although you can use Match to Specified MusicBrainz Release in Jaikoz to force match to a particular release.

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