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Any new beta's in the works?

I love when new releases come out, and my mouse fingers are itching to try some new Jaikoz… Anything new in the works?

Sorry for the delay in a new Jaikoz release but something exciting is just round the corner !

sneak peak for pro users in PM :slight_smile: ?

Just have to be patient

Im patient. My illness is curiousness and need medicine :slight_smile:

Medicine is now available :slight_smile:

Ouch ! Another product. I hope that Jaikoz will be still maintained. I bought PRO license for whole life and dont want to switch to another software.

[size=7]I feel a certain pressure that eventually we’ll just have to switch to Songkong after some time[/size]

Looks SoKo was written from scratch ( correct me if im wrong ). Its because Jaikoz was too robust to make these big new changes ?


you’ve not read

SongKong is definently not a replacement for Jaikoz. It aims to solve some problems that don’t really fit in with Jaikoz, and is also an enabler to solve some issues that can be resolved with Jaikoz, but were easier to solve using a new codebase and then add back in to Jaikoz.

SongKong uses alot of code refactored from Jaikoz which will find its way back into Jaikoz plus new code.

Ok, now i slap yourself :slight_smile: