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Another "Unexpected Problem"

Support files created.

Checked your logs and it is to do with row sorting, unfortunately the interaction between the different tables and tabs make it unclear what exactly the issue is. But noone else is reporting this to me, some may not just have bothered but it does seem the problem is quite particular to your workflow, and is going to be related to you either sorting columns or closing files from sorted views. Do you do both of these things and can you narrow it down when it happens?

Seems to occur when I have files loaded (# of files loaded seems irrelevant) and I’m performing “Autocorrect Songs” My Autocorrect schema (in order) is as attached.

OK, Today I had 14 tracks loaded and I simply did a ‘Find Duplicates’ and when I went to save the result (J had found 4 dupes) to delete the dupes found, I got the ‘Unexpected Error’ message. I’ll send the support files.

Did you sort the files first?

I loaded 50 odd files by the one artist. They were spread across 4 to 5 different releases. I selected one release that has 14 files in it. Did the ‘find dupes’ and that’s when the problem occurred.