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Announcing Albunack Music Service

For years Ive wanted to something to make it easier for editors to get data into MusicBrainz from Discogs, and wanted a way for Jaikoz and SongKong to browse the actual database being used for automated tagging.

So in the last month I have been working on something and now I have beta available as:

The idea with this first release of Albunack is you look up an artist and it shows you a combined Musicbrainz + Discogs discography, showing releasegroups/release and tracks on a single page. This makes it easier to see gaps in the Musicbrainz which could be filled by data from Discogs, and makes it easier to add that data:

It shows any existing links between MusicBrainz and Discogs matches.
It also matches up Musicbrainz releases without a Discogs link to potential Discogs releases and lists these matches together with a Link button to seed a MusicBrainz Edit release.
It provides an Import button to seed a MusicBrainz Add Release from other Discogs releases not linked to Musicbrainz

Currently it only shows releases where the artist is the only album artist credit (i.e we don’t list collaborations, nor Various Artist releases). But apart from these omissions ALbunack reflects thje data currently within available to the webservice used for powering SongKong and Jaikoz.

I also have various report data currently in the form of SQL tables that I plan to add to the site as reports.

All the data is provided by my own webservice and no calls to Musicbrainz webservice are made. The only disavantage being that the data is cached so if you add or link a release that won’t be reflected until I next rebuild the database from MusicBrainz, this is planned to be weekly, but more random that that at the moment.

There is also an issue tracker at

that you can use in addition to these forums if you have find issue or have ideas for improvements.

hey this is pretty cool! I like the idea, and I can see lots of potential in the cross referencing you are doing. good work! p.s. I’ve been wondering what you’ve been up too this past few months, with no bug tracker updates for SK or Jaikoz :wink:

Great please spread the word.

Yeah with SongKong nice and stable I thought Id use the window of opportunity to try and address a problem that has been bothering me for years !

Also creating the albunack website has meant a number of improvements to the underlying database and these improvements benefit the existing versions of SongKong and Jaikoz as well, such as better track parsing of multi-disc Discogs releases.

Still plenty to do on it, but Im now sharing my time between albunack and new development work on Jaikoz and Songkong as well.