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Android Apps

I’m investigating the possibility of writing some music matching apps for Google Android.

Obviously these will be alot simpler than Jaikoz !

I would be interested in any ideas you have, and how much you would be prepared to pay for such apps.

It sounds interesting. I probably wouldn’t use one myself. I use jaikoz nonstop, but I use it as a tagging program on my computer. Doing full out tagging on my android doesn’t appeal to me. I rather use my smart phone to just listen to music, or if the player is a bit more involved, to discover new music.

A jaikoz player that was better than the existing players on the market and had better suggestions and discovery options then something like the itunes genius would possibly be worth while, but even then it would have to really shine as there are a lot of players on the market.

Yeah, it would not be an all encompassing tagger like Jaikoz, something much simpler , perhaps to do one specific task. But also with Android dont forget it runs on tablets as well, not just phones.

hi, i think as greengeek,
when i put music in my tablet/phone it’s already tagged and corrected,

i think is much more useful some app that could build play lists (as greengeek said), match tempos and be as a semi-automatic DJ

you go to a party, plug in you phone, choose the music style and play…