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All my artists have been duplicated in tags, can i batch delete?

I have exported my entire ROON dabase of tracks to build into a fresh library. when I analyse them with Jaikoz (or Media Monkey) all my artist data is in there twice for example the artists data for A Tribe Called Quests is: “A Tribe Called Quest, A tribe Called Quest”

A) anyone know why this has happened? and B) anyone know an easy way to batch delete any 2nd artists names across my collection?

Here you can see the problem higlighted in Jaikoz:

When I run the auto correct function to go through and correct the tags Jaikoz doesn’t pick up that these are mistakes. Do I have a setting incorrectly set?

Jaikoz will only update fields automatically if it was able to match the album so maybe that is the issue, although I checked and these albums are in the MusicBrainz database.

It would not update these fields if they had been added to MusicBrainz:Format:Never Modify these Fields or MusicBrainzFormat:Only Modify these fields if Empty but they are not added by default

If neither of these are the issue please run Advanced:Create Support Files and email the zip file to

Thanks for log files, I have checked the two albums in the screenshot above, Backwards Dancer that looks to be corrected was matched

Feb 13, 2023 8:05:38 PM: INFO: Task 9:Successfully matched 10 songs to the MusicBrainz Release f6710bc1-5bd9-4572-9c50-f22396f461a9 with title Backwards Dancer (Album / AlbunackDiscId)

But doesnt’t seem to be any indication that Bad Astronaut was matched, so I think that is the issue there.