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All info appears in song field in iPhone

After Cleaninf up my music files using Song 'Kong, most transferred albums when played instead of showing just the title show: Artist.Album,Track.title.
Kind of a problem as with all that data in front of the title its hard t select by title.
I have tried a cute of different transfer methods, AnyTrans, EaseUS, Finder and OS X Music. All do the same. I’ve checked and deleted anything in the Work or Grouping fields as well as compilation.
There are, however, several (not many) albums that do go over just fine.
Structure is Main Folder_SubFolder.Composer or Artist Name_Album.
Anyone have an idea? I see no difference in the tags between the ones that work (show just the title in title) vs the ones with the full data tag.
Regards All and thanks I advance !!!

Dave Adams

Are some songs showing the filename because they dont have any tag metadata ?

Probably the most useful thing you can do is email two songs - one that works okay and one that doesn’t with information about they are both displayed.

Thanks for the files, they both have metadata tags, why do you think they dont ?

But look at screenshot below is the issue that one file shows the value of Title field and the other the value of Filename field ?

My bad, I thought since the Tags field was empty the metadata was missing. Embarrassed.

Before going into the naming, I did notice that in the good files the tag for Is Compilation is set to yes. In the bad files it is set to no. I wlll reset one and test it.

In looking at the two files, and displaying the subfolder, filename and title, to me the only difference is the subfolder name?
Bad subfolder
Shared/XMaster Music Archive 071321/Bach Fisk 6 Trio Sonatas
Bad Filename
Eliot Fisk, Albert Fuller - The 6 Trio Sonatas - 09 - Trio Sonata No. 3 in D minor, BWV 527 III. Vivace.m4a
Bad Title
Trio Sonata No. 3 in D minor, BWV 527: III. Vivac

Good SubFolder
Shared/aaa 070416/Johann Sebastian Bach; Eliot Fisk, Albert Fuller/Bach Fisk The 6 Trio Sonatas
Good filename
Eliot Fisk, Albert Fuller - Bach The 6 Trio Sonatas - 09 - Trio Sonata No. 3 in D minor, BWV 527 III. Vivace.m4a
Good Title
Trio Sonata No. 3 in D minor, BWV 527: III. Vivace

Paul thank you for helping!

compilation setting made no difference.

Can you tell me exactly what is displayed for these two songs by your iphone ?

Paul I decided to try creating a library using the bad files in Apple Music then transferring to the iPhone using Finder (their new advised method). It worked fine, and the problem of entire Album/Artist/Title appearing in the song list went away. It now properly displays the Song title alone.

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