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AlbumArtist vs AlbumArtists in 9.3

Running on unraid Docker version 9.3. The AlbumArtist field is filled with multiple artists while AlbumArtists is filled with one. This seems the opposite of what I’ve seen in the past. Am I wrong?

It should not have changed, could you run Create Suppprt Files please

Hi, thanks for the support files, this sends me the last 5 FixSongs report you have run, and looking at these I cant find that one that processed the Euryithmics example you gave so I cant link up what you have seen with what SongKong is doing.

But I looked for another example and in report 493 I looked at folder /music/music/music/K/King, Carole; Taylor, James/Carole King & James Taylor - Live at the Troubadour (2010)

and here the songs show album artist/album artists as expected

So could you try loading this folder into Manual Edit and see what it displays as.

For whatever reason James Taylor is not in the AlbumArtist field - I think properly. Here is the clip:

Going back to the Eurythmics oddity. The existing tag for AlbumArtist was “Eurythmics;;;Annie Lennox;;;Dave Stewart”. Not a SongKong issue but is AblumArtist meant for one entry and AlbumArtists for multiple entries?

Either way, SongKong did not change the AlbumArtist field on its own, it simply left the three entries. This does not seem right. I had to edit the tag myself.

Thanks for looking into this and Thanks for an amazing program.

Okay so for Eurithymics the problem is that SongKong didn’t modify it rather than it added it incorrectly ?

It s allowed for albumartist field to store multiple values but the problem is this means there is no place to store the words seperating the artists such as and, with and ft so usually we store the artists as a single String in albunartist field and as a list in albumartists field. Also some players don’t understand multiple values in albumartist field. But we don’t automatically modify the field if you just run Manual Edit on a folder.

But I don’t understand why Manual Edit would not shows James Taylor in that file if you haven’t modified it since that run of Fix Songs, perhaps you could email the file so I can get to the bottom of this.

I can’t say for sure about James Taylor. Perhaps it saw “Carol King and James Taylor” as one value and went ahead and updated it to Carole King.

I think you understand. The only issue I see is how SongKong deals with multiple values in the AlbumArtist field. It shouldn’t allow it unless overridden in settings.

No that makes no sense, can you just email me the file

I don’t think it should automatically change it. But is maybe the kind of thing that should be reported by Status Report task

If you look at the next Rename Files Report 494 shows “Carole King” in the “AlbumArtist” Field. I did not edit it because I was not aware of it until you brought it to my attention.

I Have seen other times where the AlbumArtist field gets changed during file renaming without touching the fix songs button.

Now my first thought was it was my convoluted rename script, but I can’t find any way it would change the albumartist field. I’ve seen this most recently with SongKong changeing from “Various Artist” to an Artist. Would you like to look at my script?

I use the same script for compilations and regular.

FixSongsReport 493 ran started at Jul 26, 2023, 10:16:31 PM
RenameFilesReport 494 started at Jul 27, 2023, 12:29:51 AM

FixSongsReport shows different value for Album Artist than RenameFilesReport

So either:

  • it is being changed as part of FixSongs but not report is not showing the change
  • or it is being changed as part of RenameFIles
  • or it is being changed by something else between the two tasks

I have checked the code and I cannot see how FixSongs could modify the value and not report the modified value, as the report records are created at the end. RenameFiles should not modify any metadata and you cannot modify metadata with the file renaming script

So it does seem most likely to me being done by something else, but maybe I have missed something.