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Album Format append

Hi @paultaylor!

Quick question. I love the format option to append to the end of the album name, but would like to modify it. For instance, I don’t like that it defaults to (Dsf) and I would prefer (DSF) or (DSD) in all caps.

It’s minor but it bugs me. How do I modify this?

Yes, not possible at moment, there are always going to be customizations that users want to do, and it’s not possible to allow all possibilities via these options.

So what I would like to do is add a Scripter task that allows you to set a field to the value of other fields using the same Javascript syntax we use for filenaming masks. This is briefly documented in last comment on

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You could get round this in two stages by using the new Auto Edit task released in SongKong 10.3 Blur, after using the format option to add Dsf to album name you could then run Auto Edit with Find and Replace enabled to find all occurrences of (Dsf) in your whole library and replace with (DSF)


Not quite as convenient as the Scripter task idea but still quite straighforward.

You would have to repeat for each audio format you have, but that would not take long.