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Album cover art file size rules?

What are the min/max album art file size limitations for the various tagging implementations?

  • WAV embedded ID3
  • FLAC
  • MP3

I’m not aware of a limitation, there probably is one but seems unlikely you would hit it, are you having an actual issue?

Worth noting that there may be additional limitations applied by music player/server software. For example I think Sonos enforce some limit on all artwork.

No, I’m not having any issues myself, but a very experienced fellow on the Naim Community site thought that the artwork had to be a minimum of 1000x1000, presumably for the Naim system. I’m more generally I’m curious if there are any “standard” rules for artwork.

Question about how to interpret SongKong’s Status Report / Show Artwork At Least This Size “500”. Does that mean any artwork smaller that 500x500 will not be shown or encoded into the tag? Or perhaps that SongKong will increase the file size, if necessary, to 500x500?

No, there is no standard, that is a restriction imposed by Naim

The Status Report purely reports on your existing metadata, it doesn’t modify anything. When you start Status Report you can modify the Show artwork at least this size option to only count artwork greater than particular size, and it defaults to 500, since artwork less than 500 is generally not great.

This then means for each artwork see a count for that type, and a count for that type but only if greater than 500

In screenshot below I modified to 300, so you can see the bar is now labelled 300