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"Album Artist Sort" field - dBpoweramp

I have a music library with most of the files ripped using dBpoweramp. The metadata for most of the files includes a field called “Album Artist Sort” as well as fields called ALBUMARTISTSORT and ALBUM_ARTISTS_SORT. I can add or edit this field “Album Artist Sort” using dBpoweramp. But I can’t find a way to edit it in Jaikoz. In Jaikoz I can see fields called “Sort Album Artist” and “Sort Album Artists” but neither seems to correspond to the “Album Artist Sort” field using the dBpoweramp Edit ID-Tag function. Am I missing something? I’ve searched the Forum but couldn’t see an answer that addressed this.

Thanks. Hope you are keeping OK in the current difficult circumstances.

Can you clarify what audio format your files use, as this sort of thing can be audio format specific

Apologies, Paul, I meant to spell that out in the initial post. They are FLAC files.

In Jaikoz Sort Album Artist maps to ALBUMARTISTSORT, and Sort Album Artists should map to ALBUM_ARTISTS_SORT for Flac and OggVorbis, so probably those two fields you see are being added by Jaikoz.

The field that dbPoweramp calls Album Artist Sort is not used by Jaikoz. If you have Jaikoz I would recommend only using dbPoweramp for initial rip and then do any manual editing with Jaikoz.

Paul, thanks very much for the usual quick and helpful response. For the time being I am gong to fill in the blanks in the Album Artist Sort field, as there are way fewer blanks there than in the other two fields.

Okay it depends if they have been fully processed by Jaikoz or not. If they have been matched to an album by Jaikoz Sort Album Artist and Sort Album Artists should have a value, if matched song only they would not have a value.