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aif as format for tagging?

Hi - I’d be interested to know

a) why Jaikoz doesn’t tag .wav or .aiff files


b) whether this could be implemented please



The options for tagging wav are very limited Im not sure there is much point doing it, but adding support for AIFF is on my todo list

The ability to edit tags for AIFs in bulk would be amazing ! That would allow you to compete with Soundminer as far as importing/exporting metadata goes. Please consider it! thanks !

Its worth noting that most of the work for adding new audio formats has to be done as part of the opensrc jaudiotagger library now on bitbucket , so if any Java developers feel like contributing please do

Been doing a lot of research of lossless music and the different file formats. It seems like AIFF and Wav are the way to go. Some systems, especially the lower powered ones or ones with dirty power can cause noise in play back on flac files as it has to decompress to lossless uncompressed in real time when it is playing them. Wav seems nice but has limited tagging, where as aiff has the same play back uncompressed quality as wav but better tagging support similar to flac.

It would be great to be able to see some additional AIFF support (i will be honest that i have just barely started ripping some cds to aiff and have yet to tag them to see what jaikoz can do). My goal is to rip a select group of my favorite albums to AIFF format to save on the audiophile system I have been designing.

Getting close to having this done now.

And I mean Aiff AND Wav, it seems that Wav and various music software does now support ID3 within Wav :slight_smile: