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Aftect/effect confusion in help files

“The -Xms64m parameter specifies how much memory in megabytes (64) to allocate for storing data (such as the Audio Files Tagging Information) when you start Jaikoz, the -Xmx256 (256 megabytes) parameter sets the maximum memory allowed to be allocated.
If you are attempting to load many audio files (more than 10000) you may get a warning that memory is low, by increasing the value of -Xms you will be able to load larger amount of files if you require it. However trying to load too many files may place too high a CPU load on your computer could severely effect performance.”
affect, verb: have an effect on; make a difference to.
“the dampness began to affect my health”
effect, verb: cause (something) to happen; bring about.
“nature always effected a cure”

Ok thanks, good news if the biggest problem you have is finding effect instead of affect in manual !