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Advanced Notice:Next version of SongKong moving to OpenJdk Java 11

Hi, currently SongKong is distributed with Java 9, but is also compatible with Java 8, these versions are now a bit outdated.

In order to resolve the notarization issue on MacOS, a JVM crash issue on Melco and install latest security Java fixes I need to move to at least Java 11 (and possibly Java 14). This means some changes to the code and build meaning that:

  • It will no longer run with Java 8 (used by some linux users)
  • There is no Windows 32bit version (because does not exist for Java 11 onwards)

Also in most (or possibly all) cases we will move from Oracle Java to AdoptJDK Java, this is functionally the same it just means more permissive licensing and is available for a wider range of devices.

Since all versions (except Linux headless install - no JVM version) come with Java as part of the install, and Java downloads are freely available I do not forsee any problems unless you are using a very old Windows 32 machine, please let me know if this is the case.