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Additional options for Edit Pane Columns + Memory allowance increase

Some ideas for future iterations of Jaikoz:

–Expanded options for columns in the Edit Pane

It would specifically be nice to have the option to sort by bitrate and filetype

–Increased memory allowance

I’m on a 32gig machine and being able to utilize more than 7282mb would be awesome.

I think I may have to add audio attributes into the main edit tab but not make them editable so you can do this.

You can allocate more memory you just need to do it by editing the startup file, its different for each OS please check the help section 3.3

It took me month to figure out where the additional columns are located, such as for Disc number…that caused some problems in the beginning. But it turns out, all the way to the right is a small, pea-sized button with nothing next to it (which is why I never noticed it). BINGO Every field you could want is located there. To be sure, I was remiss because I did not try hard enough to discover that button either within the program or on the forums; I am admittedly, a lazy man.

There is also Preferences:Table:Columns