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Adding Missing Artist Photographs for Roon

Roon has the ability to show photographs for any artist or person involved in music in your library, but the database is far from complete, for example using my small test library here is a page from the Composers list, notice many images are missing.

SongKong also has the ability to find artist photographs for people involved in your music library, and these can be stored in a single folder so they are relatively easy to add to Roon.

We don’t enable artist images by default because it does slow down the matching process and not everyone uses them but its easy to enable them:

  1. Create a folder you would like to store Artist Artwork photographs.
  2. Select your music folder
  3. Select Roon, Fix Songs profile
  4. Select the Artwork tab
  5. Enable Artist Artwork Options, decide on artist artwork types you are interested in and adjust accordingly, enable the Add all artist artwork to folder option and select the folder you created in step one
  6. Select Start and wait for Fix Songs to complete
  7. Go to your Artist Artwork photographs and you should find images for most of the involved people

Now within Roon, you can add missing images, or replace the one Roon provides with different ones:

  1. Click on artist without photo

  2. Select three dots

  3. Select Edit

  4. Select Add Image

  5. Drag and drop or select Browse and then select Image from the SongKong photos

  6. Select Save

  7. Now you have an image for the artist

So unfortunately there is currently no way to add artists to Roon in a batch mode, but at least you can find many artist image in one go making the job much easier. SongKong is unlikley to find images for all your artist photographs, but the combination of Roon photographs and SongKong photographs should go a long way towards this,

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