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Adding data source for electronic music (beatport alternative ...)

Hi, as I understand beatport may be not keen on opening their api again. However the issue persists that the majority of my electronic music does not match with Jaikoz/Songkong. Is there another option of getting access to meta data for electronic music? Maybe or or anything, because MusicBrainz / Discogs just won’t cut it for me. Since those websites have the option of browsing their collection anonymously, would it be possible to just crawl the metadata with something like selenium?

Its frustrating that beatport do not want to open their api, not sure why.

Use of selenium may be a suitable way for you to extract data but not suitable for us to build a database that way, there are MusicBrainz GreeaseMonkey scripts to allow import of albums from Beatport to MusicBrainz.

I realize that Discogs/MusicBrainz dot have complete coverage but how bad i s it, have you actually tried running SongKong Fix Songs against your music. I would be interested if you could do this and then run Create Support Files so I could analyse the results, you can run in preview mode without needing a license.