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Add back cover art to the list of fields

Paul, its great how you added back cover art to songkong. Could you do the same thing for Jaikoz?

Yes, already have an issue for that but for it work nicely we also need to do

Thanks Paul. You have been great in your responsiveness. I wish more vendors would allow back cover display on their software. Thus far, only Aurender and Muso allow this. I guess Roon allows this with their cover art carousel, but this is far from idea. Have you found any other music software that allows display of back cover art? I have requested this on the JRiver site, but typically, there is no response.

I assume you mean uPnP Control Points rather than computer based music players (such as Winamp, Media Monkey)

The trouble is that uPnP specification don’t officially support more than one image per album, however I think there are ways round it.

For example although MinimServer doesn’t support back covers it does support pdf booklets which can support multiple images, but I think there will be something better than that in future.