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Add a "successfully created report" messages in cli

Hi @paultaylor,

Can you please add a little message in the cli output that will confirm the report creation is done ?

Right after “Report Creation:XX”.

This would be nice to have in order to avoid my script to skip to the next task before the report actually finishes been created. As you know, report creation might take some time, and the script has no way to know when the report really finished being created.

I played with pauses, but even then, it’s a black box.

I guess this is an easy one to implement on your end, would be nice ! :slight_smile:

Thanks !

Hi, I dont quite understand the issue can you not just check for when the task has completed, i.e the task is no longer running ?

I figured it out, I was removing the database at the start of the script, right before the start of a new task. This was actually creating the issue. It’s all fine now :wink:

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