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Activation time when upgrading from Song Kong Lite to full version

I’m new to this group and forum and have just purchased a full version of Song Kong but when entering the details sent on the confirmation license email the system tells me they are incorrect. I used copy/paste to avoid mis typing so I can only assume it takes time for license upgrade details to be activated.

I have a Melco N1ZH EX 6TB which comes with Lite version pre-installed. Would appreciated any comments or directions to try.

Many thanks

Hi Bob, it should work immediately, did you remember to replace the email field ?

Hello Paul,
Thanks for your reply and I did replace all fields with details on the license email. Also waited 30 minutes to allow synchronisation and retried but same error message. Thanks again for replying. I’ve sent a message to for their input.

I have just checked the email account and don’t seem to have any emails from you so far ?
Could you send a screenshot of the License screen to please so i can check what has been entered

I have your first email now, but I need the screenshot.