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AcoustID "on-premise"?

Hi @paultaylor

When fixing tracks, accounsticID is generated for all tracks, even if nothing is found on the internet ?

For now, I identified approx half of my music out of my library using songkong, but a good half remains unmatched to MB or discogs…so I wonder what to do with this music.

Do you have a strategy in head that could work to try to get rid of duplicates for these tracks, and only see one occurence of each album in my music manager (navidrome, that bases itself on tags (no folders) ?

I understand that without MB or discogs albums / group tags, songkong will usually not identify albums as duplicates. But all my files DO have tags (arist / album), so I guess that for these kind of files, this kind of streategy could be used :

  1. search for artist / album that are the same -> list them
  2. process this list, and use the “sound the same” preset in order to clearly identify the tracks as beeing the same
  3. remove the duplicates based on a specific order of deletion rules (Eg: album with highest quality (flac wins on mp3…), then album with the highest amount of tracks, etc.

So, is it a true statement that all tracks get their accousticID by being analysed by songkong during the fix ? making the above actually possible? this could allow me to avoid to have to rely on musicbrainz and discogs to get rid of the dupes of these remaining albums, right ?

Yes, if unable to find a MusicBrainz match it should always calculate acoustic fingerprint locally, and then look up this fingerprint from Acoustid, if known fingerprint will return Acoustid Id, if not known Acoutid server will generate a new Acoustid id and return that.

If you set Force Acoustid fingerprints even if already matched option then all songs will get fingerprints and acoustids.

Note, that Acoustid database is independent to MusicBrainz database and considerably larger, it also contains basic metadata such as artist/album, title that we can use to do Acoustid Album matches and Acoustid matches in the absence of Musicbrainz matches.

In our previous discussion after you tried song sounds the same match I said the following:

So this would be the solution, a combination of sounds the same and matching artist, title and album to protect against removing duplicates on compilations.

ok so this sonds like the thing that will save my unmatched lib ! this is great! let me know when available :wink:

Unless when you say

you literally only have artist and album but not title ?

You got me right ? :slight_smile:

I have files that do have tags. Artists / album name / track titles…

okay thats great then no problem.

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