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Acoustid Fingerprints - (How) Do they work?

So I took the FLAC files of a CD rip, and I transcoded them into MP3, MP4, OGG and WMA. I then generated Acoustid Fingerprints with Jaikoz 4.3.0 NGS Beta of all the files (16 tracks x 5 versions.) I expected each version of a track to have the same fingerprint, but there were no duplicate fingerprints at all.

So, how can these fingerprints be used to match different versions of the same recording?

Is there a fuzzy matching algorithm to compare fingerprints? Or am I misunderstanding something?

Yes, there is a fuzzy match that maps these Acoustids fingerprints to Acoustids, the songs should get the same Acoustids. The Api for storing Acoustids hasn’t quite been finalised but when it is these will be stored in your music files as well / instead of the fingerprints. This change will probably be in Jaikoz 4.4.0